12 year old becomes a victim to The Blue Whale challenge cries for help
September 04, 2017 5:05 PM

The Blue Whale challenge which has claimed the lives of a number of children worldwide has found yet another target in India's Tamil Nadu’s Tripura. 12-year-old boy called the state-operated helpline number 104 asking for the counselor’s help.

It was reported that the boy from Tamil Nadu’s Tripura city was frantic and cried  "They will kill me and family. Please Help!" The counselor inquired about his identity when the boy confessed that he was involved with the notorious game The Blue Whale Challenge and wanted to get out of it. The children are curious to play this game that promises to put all the spotlight on the child.

Dr Lakshmi Vijayakumar said "As the number of suicides linked to the Blue Whale Challenge is on a rise, a number of teens who have entered the game are now looking for exit routes since most of them are scared to get out because they are being threatened with death or harm to their family". Two leading psychiatrists have also confirmed that two out of three children have confessed to have either participated in the game or have searched about the game. 

According to few reports, The Blue Whale Challenge  is where an online administrator assigns several dangerous tasks over a period of fifty days and requires the player to perform 50 tasks, most of which are self-destructive and the tasks include carving a blue whale on the hand with a razor, watching scary videos at 4:20 am the last one is to commit suicide.The Blue Whale Challenge which is an online game and UNICEF explained in a document that the game is named after the whales since they beach themselves intentionally and die.

The government issues warning to parents after it is believed that the game has allegedly claimed six lives in India and more than hundred across the globe and Parents nowadays do not realize how much their children are into the world of virtual reality.

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