Mumbaikar's Lend A Helping Hand To Those Affected by The Floods!
August 31, 2017 4:29 PM

Nothing is as soft as Water, yet who can withstand the ranging flood? Mumbai is experiencing the worst downpour in a long time which is evident since Rail services, airports, roads are inundated and help is now pouring out to rescue everyone to safety. The flooding is such that it is now completely paralyzing the city. As Mumbai tackles one of the worst rains since 2005 we all stand witness to the fact that nature does not discriminate and the heavy downpour has affected everyone alike, rich or poor, human beings or animals.

Collective effort which is displayed by the Mubaikars is something to be exceptionally proud about, despite govt's apathy and indifference. Twitter is flooded with the hashtags #Mumbairains sharing the state of the waterlogged city and suggestions to fellow commuters to avoid certain areas. But Humanity doesn't end here, there are many people and organizations which are offering people food, water, or their couch and offices, schools, and religious places are now acting as makeshift shelters and people have opened their homes to those stranded on roads and stations.

In today's exclusive post we'd like to give our readers a few tips to protect Yourself Before, During And After A Flood Hits.

Floods one of the most common and destructive natural disasters and over the years and has experienced some of the most calamitous floods that destroyed thousands of lives and property worth crores. 

Before the floods

1. Avoid a floodplain
2. Construct barriers
3. Listen in
4. Know the difference
5. Stock up
6. Evacuate

During the floods

7. Do not walk in flowing water
8. Do not drive
9. Do not cross a barricade
10. Do not touch electrical equipment

After the floods

11. Check for news reports
12. Be aware
13. Return home
14. Clean and disinfect
15. Re-energize

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