Super Singh to Super Chef
August 24, 2017 3:01 PM

Food is one of the most celebrated things in the Punjabi Culture and Diljit Dosanjh is one the most celebrated faces of the Punjabi Industry who is currently trending for his cooking skills.

Every superhero has his special powers — one can fly, another is indestructible while the third one is all-powerful, but our Punjabi Gabru has converted from Super Singh to Super Chef. With the release of his movie Super Singh on 16th June,2017 he is riding high on the success of his movie.

Diljit Dosanjh who goes by the username of "thisisdosanjh" is super active on his snapchat. If you follow him you might have noticed that his stories are bound to get the foodie's out of you with every snap! The snaps leave us mouthwatering and have a healthy side to it. 

The snap that we are particularly talking about is Diljit cooking Fish and Prawns! Yes, you read that right! Diljit in his snaps is seen taking about his favourite and key ingredient which is an all purpose seasoning and how he marinated those fish before putting them in the griller.

Either it's a smoothie or fish and prawns on the menu which gives us those wild cravings. And to watch your handsome gabru cook is every Girl's dream. This is evident, since a large number of feamle fans have tweeted to the dashing hunk regarding his cooking skills!

Kudos to you Diljit for excelling in various fields and setting standards for men out there. So boys, now you know, what it is that gets those girls excited!

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