Babbu Maan's track 'Dard' Out Now, Fans Ecstatic!
September 09, 2019 5:22 PM

Punjab's beloved and most adored, Babbu Maan has once again created a buzz with his latest release 'Dard' under T-Series. The track in maan's voice has been penned as well as given the back score of. The track is one of a kind and is much appreciated by all his fans of various age groups. 

T-Series shared the poster of the track a while back featuring Babbu Maan in a Black Tuxedo with the poster half colored and half grayscale. It was tough at first to understand the symbolism behind this poster, however, once the official video was out the fans had a better understanding of the concept that Babbu Maan wanted to portray. 

Babbu Maan is one artist who is much appreciated in the urban as well as the rural areas of the state of Punjab. However, in recent times, he has gained a fandom even in other regions of the country. Being an international star and having won various awards such as the DAF BAMA Music Awards to his credit, he is international fame representing India on the global platform. 

Now that the video is out, Instagrammers are going nuts in the comments section and twitter has seen a different reaction to the track positively. The social media hype that Babbu Maan's marketing team had created proved out to be fruitful resulting in the video gaining a beautiful number of views within a limited period of hours. 

In case you missed out, check out the video for yourself and don't forget to leave your views in the comments section below. 

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