Yaarane by Gur Sidhu Receives immense Response from fans
June 02, 2021 3:08 PM

The famous Punjabi music composer and singer - Gur Sidhu, recently released heart touching single 'Yaarane' as a tribute to cherish and its intricacies. The song has been brought to the crowd by Brown Town Music, Nav Sandhu, and Believe Music.

The music video has outperformed more than 10 million views in only a few days of its release. Gur being a good artist has created and sung the single. Then, the verses have been written by singer-songwriter Jassa Dhillon and the music video is finished by Sukh Sanghera.

The music video shows the account of two sweethearts who got isolated because of unavoidable conditions. A realistic universe follows with a few shots of Canada in its embodiment. The single has gotten a great deal of consideration via online media with fans making 35 in addition to thousand reels on Instagram along and moving across computerized stores.

Sharing about the song, Sidhu said, "Around two years back, I heard this tune from Jassa. A year ago, I was making a passionate instrumental beat and gave the verses of Yaarane a shot. It is appropriate to specify that the verses with the music I made thought of extraordinary energy which I shipped off music video Director Sukh Sanghera, who made a wonderful storyline for Yaraane. It seems like province music yet I attempted to keep it smooth, spotless, and loaded with the vibe. So I only used just guitars, flute, and drums. I planned to play the violin before but then changed my mind.”